About US

Now is the best time to reach out to us to get timely, affordable and professional assistance on all your personal tax preparation, business income tax services, bookkeeping services and CRA resolution.

SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions is made to make difference in every business and individual’s taxes by reducing taxes through strategic tax techniques, creating business bookkeeping and accounting records error free and helping ideal clients to get maximum tax credits and benefits they are entitled to using our great Canadian Taxation system. SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions’ head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and offering accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting and tax services across Canada. 

What to expect from us?

  • Efficiency: Our professional, experienced and talented staffs are helping our clients to save money and maximizing profit. We are using the newest technology to deliver quick service that’s always approachable, professional, and personalized to meet our clients’ needs. 
  • Affordability: Unlike major firms, we are affordable. Our qualified and talented staff meets with our clients to discuss their needs and provide the best tax solution that meets their needs and satisfaction. Whether you choose our full year package or only one tax season, you will get the maximum benefits and premium quality of service from us. We are made to deliver good quality and service.
  • Accountability: We are acknowledging reality and recognizing the magnitude of the workload and specific actions required for small business owners to succeed. We deliver a quality service, develop a profitable business and attract real customers. We are responsible for the quality and timeliness of our service, productivity and operations. 

What sets us apart?


  • We adopt a client-centric approach with an utmost focus on providing personalized solutions that meet the needs of individuals and business entities.
  • We are open, friendly, approachable and results driven
  • Our team comprises of qualified, highly experienced, professional and talented individuals committed to making a difference in our clients’ lives.
  • Maximum refund, tax credits and tax savings are guaranteed.
  • Fixed fee pricing that gives you optimum return on investment
  • Added advantage of profit and growth expertise 
  • Free review of previously filed taxes, 
  • Assistance to minimize taxes through CRA’s approved tax strategies. 
  • Unbeatable quality of services to reduce your tax burden and maximize your savings.
  • Consistency, reliability and transparency are our guiding principles

We are built to make change!

Vision Statement

We are committed to become Canada’s greatest accounting firm by delivering great quality and service to our ideal clients and by helping our clients to get maximum credits they are entitled too.

Mission Statement 

We are established to deliver and enhance financial values to our clients by:  

  • Providing great quality of service at affordable price to reduce your tax burden and increase Cash in your Pocket. 
  • Consistently exceeding customers’ expectations in tax reduction and quality of accounting, business consulting and tax services. 
  • Consulting expertise with our clients through continuing relationship to enhance the value of our services and to create profitable business.
  • Meeting our professional responsibilities in an ethical and fair manner to continue customer loyalty and business success in our economy.  
  • Treating every client with dignity and respect to establish a strong long lasting business relationship that can be mutually beneficial.  
  • Supporting the communities in which we live, work and play for positive impact. 

Meet our Staff!

Certified Public Accountant


Inspired by working with business owners to understand their business needs to express and apply the best tax strategies that will benefit you the optimum tax position. 

IT & Business Consultant


Enjoys finding favorable solutions to complex problems for business owners in order to guide them in achieving their ultimate goal.  focuses on satisfaction to ensure her clients have the peace of mind they need to successfully operate their businesses  



 Professional, experienced and talented staffs are helping clients to save money and maximizing profit.

 Qualified and talented staff meets with clients to discuss their needs and provide the best tax solution that meets their needs and satisfaction