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“SAR Accounting has been very helpful for our accounting and tax needs. We are very excited to work with SAR Accounting. Very convenient, professional, and reliable services. We are happy to be SAR Accounting’s client and refer others if they are interested in saving money and understanding the true picture of their business.”

Nabila N

“One of the best company which provides maximum benefits and the staff is very friendly with customers. I would highly recommend SAR Accounting."

Christine H.

“I have done business with Ali for the past 2 years and have found him to be receptive, organized, and always looking for ways to benefits one’s investments. Often he answers my calls after hours and on weekend, always ready to provide service. We have talked about work, family and relationship ethics and I am happy to say we see things eye-to-eye. Whatever task or information I seek, I know Ali will always do his best to provide a most professional response.”

Rahul W.

“We were very happy with SAR Accounting and Tax Solutions Inc. We just opened our company this year and they made the process very easy and smooth for us. We will definitely be using them again next year.”

Sharon W.

“I am very happy with professional, courteous, and affordable service provided by SAR Accounting. I would highly recommend them!”

Imtiaz T.

“SAR accounting is just awesome. A professional Accountant with a lot of knowledge and guarantees for maximum refund.”

Naeem H.

“The services are at perfection level every visit and very friendly staff. Ali always has the beneficial advices and extremely knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to every small business owner. Thanks Ali for the great and affordable services”

Mehwish J.

“I know Ali since my CPA days, very smart and intelligent person with great knowledge of Taxes. I always had an excellent experience with SAR accounting. Highly recommend!!!”

Waseem N.

“I have the pleasure of conducting business with SAR accounting. I must say here that Qaiser does an excellent job. He explains and elaborate complex issues in a very simple way. I am very happy with the service I got and the rates are very reasonable too. I highly recommend SAR accounting for filing of business or personal tax”

Aatif Q.

“Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, you cannot go wrong with SAR Accounting – Highly recommended accounting firm”

Cherril R.

“For over 3 years I have dealt with SAR Accounting services. This is a top notch busines&they always seek the customer’s interest. I strongly recommend this business to anyone looking for an honest experience”

Aqib Q.

“My experience with this firm was amazing. They made maximum benefits returns for be. Thumps up”