Tax Accountant Helping you to Save Taxes

Qaiser Ali, Certified Public Accountant, PBA, BBA, BA (Hons)

Ali has gained excellence in the field of tax preparation services, accounting, bookkeeping and business management. Ali, tax accountant, is inspired by working with business owners to understand their business needs to express and apply the best tax strategies that will benefit you the optimum tax position. Ali has a graduated degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Mount Royal University; he has also earned two years' Business Administration, Diploma in Accounting from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. 

Furthermore, to enhance his accounting knowledge and expertise consequently he can maximize his client’s benefits, he continued his study with Public Business Accountants’ association of Alberta and has successfully completed Public Business Accountant’s designation. He has been granted Certified Public Accountant's designation by The Association of International Certified Public Accountant. He is very detailed in his review of Business and Personal Taxes and has found thousands of dollars for clients who have used his services. 

What priorities shape his workplace experience?

Ensuring Accuracy: Ali is willing to do what it takes to get things right for his clients and analyze things carefully and make logical decision based on the objective facts. Overall, he emphases on accuracy to ensure high-quality outcomes for his clients. 

Maintaining Stability: He prefers a systemic environment and focus on maintaining stability to produce consistent results for his clients. 

His most valuable contributions to the workplace include his insistence on precision, quite diligence and ability to find practical solutions to complex business problems. In fact, there are probably some of the qualities that others admire most about him. 

Ali prides himself on the quality of service he provides to his clients and takes a logical, objective approach to ensure accuracy and positive results. Furthermore, he tends to be efficient and enjoys creating standards that help to bring about high-quality outcomes. 

Let’s contact right now to find out if he can help you to save some taxes and streamline your business accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs.  

Accounting, Finance & Tax Consultant

Accounting, Finance & Tax Consultant