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SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions is the brainchild of owner and tax specialist! Our extensive experience as a business tax consultant and personal tax preparation gives you priceless advantages of accuracy, top-notch quality and reliability. We have excelled in the field of taxation, accounting, bookkeeping and business management. 

We are making difference in every business and individual’s taxes by reducing taxes through strategic tax techniques, creating bookkeeping and accounting records error free and helping our clients to get maximum tax credits and benefits they are entitled to.

Our income tax services are unique to your requirements, and our tax consultants and designated accountants are helping you to improve your bottom line.

Tax Planning & Preparation Services


When you have built the business empire of your dreams, you cannot allow tax planning to become a pain point! Staying on top of tax planning and preparation is key to business success and peace of mind. 


We, at SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions, Certified Public Accountant, Public Business Accountants (PBAs) are keenly aware of every business owner’s primary concerns related to tax planning and preparation, maximizing tax credits and avoiding CRA audits.

Grow your business with us! Contact us today for a free review of previous tax filings and exciting ways to save on tax.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services


It has taken every ounce of dedication, hard work and passion for building your business. While every business owner has to manage multiple tasks, the primary goal- we are guessing- is not related to accounting and bookkeeping!


For many who are not number experts, accounting and bookkeeping can be sources of major stress. Our range of services that are guaranteed to bring you complete peace of mind and optimal financial health.  

As the preferred number crunchers and strategy experts, we offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services that enable you to focus on what matters the most– your passion.

Our Unique Solution!!!

Why business bookkeeping and accounting is important?

Simply stated, efficient accounting and bookkeeping translates to better business growth. Efficient bookkeeping services are critical to running a successful business in many ways:

  • Accurate bookkeeping services keep owners informed about the business’ past and current financial status and performance
  • Bookkeeping enables development of future business strategies
  • Keeps business owners in control and enables them to make informed decisions
  • Enables compliance with various government regulations related to Canada Pension Plan, CRA, Goods and Services Tax, employment insurance, Workers’ compensation and much more

Business Consulting / Legal Structure

As the leading business consultants, we have a successful history of assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in building strong foundations for a profitable business. 

Our business consulting experts offer results driven, practical and profitable assistance with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Shares structure
  • Business incorporation
  • Guidance on tax credits, deductions and workers’ compensation
  • Accounts and Financial management
  • Compliance and taxation

Build your dream business empire! Consult us today to know more about our business consulting and incorporation assistance services 

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Resolution

If you are concerned about over-contribution to RRSP, tax arrears, penalty payment, filing an objection and negotiating payment arrangements with CRA, we are just a call away!

As competent experts well versed with all aspects of audits, penalty and other dispute processes, we can handle any CRA related task - simple or complex.


When every minute counts when it comes to tax-related matters, you can entrust us to handle all aspects of RRSP contributions, penalty payment or tax waiver in quick time. 

Get all your CRA related matters resolved. Get in touch with us today to know more about our CRA resolution services.

Questions You Should Ask Your Accountant!

hire an accountant, tax benefits, tax credits, maximum deductions, family benefits, child benefit

What is the most tax saving approach to get money out from Business?

What are the tax obligations we need to consider before entering into amalgamation?

What is the difference between incorporated or unincorporated business?

  • Why should I incorporate?  
  • What would be the benefits of incorporating?  
  • How can I use capital gain deduction?  
  • What would be the tax consequences when business is closed or sold? 
  • How can we save taxes through tax strategies approved by CRA?

What are the benefits available to shareholder, shareholder’s spouse or children?

How can I pay my children, spouse or other arm or non-arm length?

I am winding up my corporation/business, what are the tax obligations?

Let us help you to understand why you have to file a personal tax return:

  • Have to pay tax
  • You have received a request to file your taxes
  • You are elected to split income
  • You sold a real estate property or shares including mutual fund
  • You have Home Buyer Plan
  • You are paying CPP or EI on your self-employed or other earnings.
  • You have refund to claim
  • To claim working income tax benefits
  • To claim GST/HST credits
  • Continue to receive your Children Tan Benefits
  • You have tuition credits, donations to carry forward.
  • You contributed to your RRSP



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